Southern California Seismic Network

The Southern California Seismic Network (SCSN) is a cooperative project of the U.S. Geological Survey Pasadena office and the Caltech Seismological Laboratory. It is also part of the TriNet cooperative project between the USGS, Caltech, and the California Geological Survey. The SCSN is one of the largest and most automated seismic networks in the world. It consists of more than 350 analog and digital seismographs operated by multiple sources which relay both continuous and triggered seismic data back to a central computer facility in the Seismology Laboratory on the Caltech campus. After the seismic data is processed, it is archived and can be accessed from the Southern California Earthquake Center Data Center.

General information & data:

What is SCSN?
Station Map
Station Information
Analog vs. Digital Stations
Seismic Waveform Data
Earthquake Catalogs & Phase Data
Faults, Earthquakes, etc. in Southern California

Earthquake information:

Current Earthquake Map & List
ShakeMaps & Focal Mechanisms
Earthquake Commentary & Special Reports
Current Seismograms & Phase Picks
Did you feel it?

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