Games About Earthquakes That You Should Try

Earthquakes for Kids September 9, 2022

Earthquakes are scary, devastating, and unpredictable. Though they happen all the time in many parts of the world, the nature of earthquakes is not constant. They can happen anytime and at any place, without any warning at all. This unpredictability makes the danger of earthquakes so much worse.

At the same time, though, earthquakes provide ample opportunity for fun if you try to play games inspired by them. Even though earthquakes bring death, destruction, and chaos, they also bring a chance for people to work and play together to fix the damage and get through the difficult times together. This blog will look at the best games that show the fun and hope that happen after a quake.

Earthquakes Games

Disaster Report

Disaster Report, an odd 2003 PlayStation 2 survival game, not only shows the continuous devastation of an artificial island via a semi-natural disaster, but it also boasts some of the most awful English voice acting ever. You’ll be regretting you hadn’t rescued those folks at the end of the game.

Before the game ends, it is revealed that the earthquake was caused by human irresponsibility rather than natural causes. Beginning in 1985, the Japanese prime minister started a plan to recover land deep beneath the water and transform it into a secure foundation on which whole cities may be constructed. They used a new cutting-edge technology called the Honeycomb-Caisson Method to do this, and after 10 years of building, Capital City was resurrected from what began as a tiny wedge of rock.

Disaster Report Game

The game concludes with a rooftop clash atop the Capital City Central Tower, where the heroes strive to signal a rescue helicopter but are met with armed goons. Depending on the decisions made during the game’s multiform story, Disaster Report has seven alternative game endings—some positive, some tragic.

Sim City 4

It couldn’t be a Sim game if the player could not even injure his or her creations. The earthquake was only one of many calamities that befell SimCity’s small virtual inhabitants over the years.

Maybe this isn’t the most dramatic illustration of tectonic plate grinding, but it sure felt good at the time.

While the earthquake is portrayed as a devastating tragedy in many games, it is less so in SimCity BuildIt. Quakes in some games destroy the entire city as well as everything below it. In SimCity 4, it only destroys the large horizontal region but is far more damaging. 

Sim City 4 Card Game

Instead of randomly destroying structures, the AI destroys all structures along the destruction line.  Most tremors only move a few blocks depending on the player, but if the player presses the earthquake button, they may amplify the damage by climbing up the Richter Scale. However, if the player holds it for too long, the earthquake may be a typical moderately damaging quake (perhaps a glitch), but in most situations, it will be a very large and devastating tremor.

Crysis 2

Crysis 2 not only sought to represent a believable New York City (with variable degrees of accomplishment), but it also intended to demolish this city realistically. Consider how people suffering from first-person shooter motion sickness may have felt!

From Dust

In Ubisoft’s downloadable treasure, God’s breath can create and destroy the planet. As the all-mighty spirit guiding your people through a nature-ravaged planet, you will not only confront the consequences of earthquakes, but you will also be able to fight them, filling up gaps produced by those damaging effects.

Yes, this is a volcanic game. But it follows that there is an earthquake every time a volcano erupts so this is worthy of a place here.

Motorstorm Apocalypse

Daredevil racers sprint through a disintegrating metropolis as the furious earth shakes buildings, causing them to crush and burn all around in Motorstorm Apocalypse. It’s an earthquake-centric game to honor those afflicted by Japan’s devastating earthquake years back.


The player in LucasArts’ dystopian shooter Fracture can shift the earth. Dig tunnels, build massive columns, and why not throw in some telekinesis for goodness sake? It transforms you into a walking earthquake before droning you to death with a mediocre tale and underwhelming multiplayer.

Battlefield III

Another great illustration of how guns have little effect on earthquakes. Go ahead and fire it.

Battlefield 3: Aftermath is the fourth Battlefield 3 additional pack. The creators claimed that this game will take place following the earthquake with a magnitude of 8.1, the epicenter of which was 170 miles southeast of Tehran, Iran.

The aftermath shows a continued battle for power and survival among the destruction set among the broken neighborhoods, streets, and cities of post-earthquake Iran.

Earthquake Simulator VR

The HTC Vive has a virtual earthquake simulator. This is not your usual fun game, but it’s an educational survival method that lets you experience a brief earthquake and fire scenario. Excellent for family education in a pleasant immersive atmosphere. Virtual Earthquake Simulator will allow you to discover what it’s like to be in an earthquake or other emergency circumstance.

Bizarre Earthquake

The plot revolves around a seismologist and her assistant as they attempt to solve the mysteries of a strange earthquake they witness. Cansu, the seismologist, has big goals. She will go to any length to learn the truth and share it with the rest of the world to advance her career. Bora, her assistant, grudgingly joins her on this intriguing expedition.